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2012/2013 Annual Report to the Community

One of the most important things a patient can receive for continued good health is something you can’t write a prescription for—and that is knowledge. When healthcare providers properly communicate with patients, they can make better informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones, making sure they receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

In 2012, Catholic Health empowered its patients to take charge of their health by giving them the right information, building clear pathways to quality care, and delivering the compassion and service they have come to expect.

This commitment to quality, efficiency and financial responsibility stems from a sense of duty to our community and stewardship for the gifts we have been given. In doing this, we fulfill our mission, to reveal the healing love of Jesus to those in need. And none of this would be possible without our exceptionally dedicated physicians, associates, and volunteers, who make our mission a reality every day.

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The Catholic Health network has been consistently ahead of the healthcare reform curve, working with patients and physicians to promote wellness, while avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions and re-admissions along the way. All this is fueled by an unparalleled commitment to quality and patient safety. We have a team of 50 quality and safety professionals tracking more than 5,000 measurements of quality care in our system, giving patients the consistency, transparency and knowledge that let them form a true partnership with their healthcare provider, and live healthier lives.

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As a high performing health system and accountable care organization, Catholic Health is leading the charge for the most efficient, highest quality care. And the more our patients know, the healthier they’re going to be.


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Physician Recruitment
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